Yellow and Black Patterned Tie – Ahmed


A Contemporary Geometric in tones of Yellow and Black, accented with Black.  Looks gorgeous with Grey or Black Suit and is easy to wear casually or formally. Popularly known as the Wakanda design.  yet another classic from The Indulgence #bestTieMaker in Africa

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Yellow and Black Patterned Tie – Ahmed

  • Available with a width of approximately 7cm (2.75″).
  • Made in Nigeria.
  • Made with 100%  cotton.
  • Dry clean only.
  • Yellow and Black Patterned Tie – Ahmed
  • To learn how to knot a tie Click HERE
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Did you know that all our ties by THE INDULGENCE  are handmade in Lagos Nigeria by very skilled craft lords who pride themselves in delivering nothing less than excellence. Thus the secret behind our consistent offering in Quality as you would observe about

Yellow and Black Patterned Tie – Ahmed


We are very comfortable exploring a variety of fabric options, texture, colors etc.  we pride ourselves with our ability to offer Novelty tie options.


How to Match Your Patterned Tie to Your Patterned Suits & Shirts | The Art of Pattern Mixing

As a rule of thumb, when experimenting with patterns, avoid mixing any more than two (2) distinct patterns, since you can easily overwhelm yourself and could create a distracting outfit.

Following these rules outlined below will ensure that you don’t make any fashion mistakes and will help you put better outfits together.


1. When wearing a patterned shirt (checked or striped), plain color ties are always an easy and safer choice, but you can actually wear polka dots, paisley, floral ties or Yellow and Black Patterned Tie – Ahmed


2. When mixing two (2) completely different patterns, pattern sizes are still important. For instance, thick stripes on the shirt should go with thin or small patterns on the tie and vice versa. For e.g. if the shirt is a vertical thin stripes, the tie could be of thick diagonal stripes.

3. You can mix the same patterns if they are of different sizes. This means you can mix stripes as long as they are not the same thickness and not leaning in the same direction and if your shirt and ties both have polka dot patterns, ensure the dots are of different sizes.

4. Overall, if you are less experienced in the art of color mixing and matching, when pairing a patterned tie with a patterned shirt you should wear the suit in solid color.

5. Avoid pairing a patterned suit with a patterned shirt and patterned tie. Stick to a maximum of two patterns for your shirt, suit and tie combination.

And if you must mix three (3) patterns then it’s wise to go with 3 completely different patterns but there is a caveat.

If the shirt and tie are already of different pattern type e.g. Stripes and Polka dot respectively, then the suit must be of a subtle pattern, e.g a Prince of Wale check in a faint color or shade or a subtle Glen Plaid Suit with faint check lines in same color as the fabric color e.g. a gray check pattern on same gray fabric. This means you should avoid Tartan checks or Pinstripes (i.e. very thin vertical stripes) in this scenario.

6. Finally, textures (Suit textures or Tie textures) adds a touch of finesse to the various combinations you create. Use this to elevate the suit, shirt and tie combo look.

source; Mr Koachman


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