Saint Alexandra Chain Wristwatch – Silver


Saint Alexandra Chain Wristwatch

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About Saint Alexandra Chain Wristwatch

Suits to Match: Wear with any color, A perfect gift for a gentleman.

Material: Made with SL steel.

Product Care: Dry-clean only.

Available in: Silver.

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A quality watch e.g Saint Alexandra Chain Wristwatch is at least made of Stainless Steel which are Hand accessories. A titanium or ceramic watch is harder / better, but those watches also have a more expensive price tag. Stainless steel compared to ‘normal’ steel can not be affected by moisture and perspiration. Also, getting skin irritation is rare with an stainless steel watch.

In addition, the weight of the watch may also be a sign of quality. It gives an indication of how solid the used steel is and what kind of movement is used.

Furthermore, a PVD coating is important to ensure that a goldrosegoldsilver or black watch reserves its color. A watch without coating may discolor within a year by frequent use. The used materials are often displayed on the back of a watch. Note: Stainless steel (watch) back indicates that only the watch back is made of stainless steel

Further, the better watch brands use 316L stainless steel, which has a higher purity level. The kind of stainless steel and PVD coating is often not marked on the watch. To make sure the kind of stainless steel, you can always check with the seller. But if it is a more expensive brand you can assume that it will be alright.




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